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After my adventurous trip sozinha to Foz do Iguaçu, I hopped on a plane to Florianopolis, (or Floriparadise as Mary accurately named it) to visit a fellow Southamptoner who was in BH last semester, Maddy.

I was almost nervous to go in case I regretted having been sent to Belo Horizonte rather than Florianopolis, and even though I really loved Floripa I didn’t get at any FOMO.

Floripa is super outdoorsy, it has over 40 beaches, as well as a massive salt water lake called Lagoa da Conceição. Everyone either surfs or kitesurfs or runs along the beach (who chooses to run through sand?! I was horrified by such active, sporty behaviour).

On my first day we went for an instense hike up and over a massive hill to get to Floripa’s most famous beach, Lagoinha do Leste during which I fell over and got a rather impressive scrape to the knee to show that I can do cool outdoorsy stuff.

Stealing Mary’s photos to prove that I did hike, (and that she had braided my hair Katniss style).

Upon arriving we ran into the very cold South Atlantic for my first swim in the sea since Rio (year abroad life can be so tough, jetsetting from place to place).

The clouds didn’t stop me trying to sunbath. (Photo credits to Mary and her fancy camera)

The first day was essentially a pattern for my week, walking and beaches (and really nice coffee!)

It’s a really beautiful island, and even though over 1 million people live there it doesn’t feel like a large city, though admittedly I didn’t go into the centre, prefering to stick to the hip and hippy Lagoa area, with it’s pretty lake, cool food trucks and hipster coffee and clothes shops. As well as the beaches, such as Campeche, Barra da Lagoa, and Praia Mole (which has an amazing veggie cafe with the BEST açai, just a little tip).

That concludes my trip to southern Brazil, both places I went go on my top 10 places to see in Brazil, and are especially good for the paler amongst us, the sun isn’t as strong and less people will call you branquinho/a, (I was very offended when someone in Salvador told me I was pale, I work on this tan!) As well as the sporty who will 100% adore Floripa.

Unsurprisingly I’m now a wee bit broke, so I won’t be travelling for a month (I know, heartbreaking!)

Tchauzinho for now xx


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