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We arrived in Salvador on February 11th at 5am, super disorientated and tired. We made it to our hostel, and by a miracle our room was available so we just collapsed.

We stayed in Pelourinho, the most touristy part of the city, and the most well kept. Since it was just before carnaval there was constant drumming and music all over the neighbourhood. It was super lively, and really beautiful.

The city is completely different to other Brazilian towns, it’s very European in look, but with a very strong Afro-brazilian culture.


Leaving Pelourinho and going down the cable car, is like going into a different city, one that is much more run down. The Mercado Modelo, the central market is full of souvenirs, art and cool clothes (I got a bright yellow crocheted cardigan!) Outside there were capoeiristas who seemed to be there just so that people could take photos of them.

Other than that, we only ventured into downtown Salvador to go to the Farol da Barra, which is a lighthouse with lots of lovely beaches. Most of Salvador’s tourist spots are in Pelourinho, including the Afro-Brazilian museum, a Franciscan monastry and a convent/hospital.

Finding good bars, cafés and meals isn’t difficult, but the best meal had to be at Uauá’s, which has the best moqueca I have ever eaten. Moqueca is a typical Bahian dish, it’s a fish stewed cooked in coconut, served with rice and farofa, and sometimes a pumpkin mash. It is heavenly, I’ve had ones made with just vegetables which were super good, but none of them compared to Uauá’s. It was the perfect was to end my travels in the North East.



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