Posted in Life in Brazil

The present

The last few posts have been about my travels in Brazil, but at this present moment I’m curled up on the sofa tired and with that queasy hangover  feeling doing my best to write the two essays I have to do. As I’m blogging, and not writing about the evolution of the Partido dos Trabalhadores, I’m clearly not doing very well.

The past week has been mixed, I came back struggling with ‘saudades’ as they say here. Not seeing my parents for 7 months was my choice because I want to travel, but it’s not easy all the same. I also had to start classes again after over a month of not having any, which is always an adjustment.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, I saw some of the friends I made last semester again, reminding me why I love being here, went to a Brazilian barbeque which is always a laugh, and I get to start packing again this week to head up to Jericoacoara via Sao Paulo, which I’m excited about.

I really should write a few hundred more words, so much love to you all and até mais!


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