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Stage three of our journey around Brazil was my Dad’s choice, Mum chose Olinda, Dad chose a village about 45 minutes by car from Olinda next to the sea.

It was a tiny place, saved by its beautiful location. It’s opposite the northern most tip of the Ilha de Itamaracá, which has a lovely beach accessible by boat, as well as Ponta do Funil which has an even lovelier beach.

The hotel we stayed was Pousada Atapuz which looks out to the mouth of a river, has nice gardens, comfy rooms, a pool and very friendly owners. The only complaint I have was that the food was so so, but the location made up for it. They do also have self catering appartments if you want to avoid the food, but you would need a car to bring supplies with you as I didn’t see a shop during our time there.

Beach on Ilha de Itamaraca


The owners of the hotel were kind enough to take us to beaches by boat, take us on a walk up the river and talk about the nature and history of the area, and to take us on a tour of a sugar factory and an old sugar plantations, which was still lived in and rather shockingly the whipping post was still standing. It was a beautiful but poignant location.


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