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Weekend adventures

This post is a bit late, but I’ve been having a lazy couple of days since I got back because I’m exhausted. This has been broken up by rehearsals for my belly dance show on Sunday, which are adding to the exhaustion.

This weekend’s trip was to Serra do Cipó, a hippie town (town might be a bit of an exaggeration, it’s closer to a street with shops and bars, with houses spread out over the hills) in the middle of stunning countryside about 1 hour from Belo Horizonte.

We arrived on Friday night, and decided to go to a bar where the owner was singing a mixture of Brazilian songs and Bob Marley, and they made the world’s strongest caipirinhas. Two rounds of caipirinhas later and my memories of the night become blurry.

View from my window over the Serra

The next day, after a slow morning we ended up breaking into a national park by wading through a river that we were later told was known to have alligators in. It was just about worth it for the stunning hidden waterfall that we went to. The day ended around a bonfire at a friend’s house.

The next day also involved breaking into to private property, but this time the trip to the location was more memorable because I, (and some others) travelled by trailer. Being towed by a car through beautiful countryside surrounded by cushions and the wind whipping through your hair is the only way to travel. This time the route to the waterfall was less muddy and disgusting, and ended up being a long trek over a couple of hills and pushing through some very thick bushes (the scratches on my arms and legs bear witness to this) until we got there, and goodness it was worth it!

We had to scramble over rocks to get back to the trailer and the car, and I blame the ride home gripping on to the side of the trailer for dear life for my terrible sunburn! The next day I couldn’t make any facial expressions because it hurt so much and my arms were embarrassingly burned! Luckily it’s now turning into a lovely tan, the contrast between my white tummy and brown arms is embarrassing when I have to bare all on Sunday when I belly dance in a (beautiful) bra and skirt.


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