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Lack of classes means more travelling for me! I’ve been to Serra da Piedade, Lagoa Santa and Diamantina in the past 2 weeks. I didn’t write posts about the first two because I didn’t see enough of them, Serra da Piedade is the highest point in MG, but it was covered in cloud when we went so I couldn’t see anything! It had a nice café and church at the top, but other than that it wasn’t special without a view. Lagoa Santa seems like an alright town with a large natural lake, and really cool caves nearby but I spent most of the weekend’s at my friend’s house where I sunbathed, read and ate a lot.

However I did get to see the town of Diamantina, even though it was cloudy on day 1 and raining so steadily on day 2 that we decided to head home early.

Main church and square in Diamantina.

The town itself is similar to Ouro Preto but larger, the architecture is absolutely stunning, old white houses with window frames and doors painted in bright colours. It had a lovely atmosphere around its central square, despite the rain and the bars had live music playing and lush food. We ate at Bar Baiuca which was a delicia as they say here. I had the aubergine in tomato sauce with parmesan on top, with mandioca on the side, and the aubergine was melt in the mouth delicious. The fresh juice was also lovely, as were the caipirinhas, all for a good price. Later we went for drinks at the bar Catedral, which had a huge range of beer, but I went for a caipirinha which I enjoyed, the music and atmosphere was also great.

There are some interesting museums, though there isn’t much explanation about inside I thought. We went to Chica da Silva’s house, which is a great example of architecture there, and she is famous for being a slave who married a rich, white man. Unfortunately there wasn’t really any information about her, but it is a lovely house. We also visited Casa da Gloria, which is also an attractive building which used to be a school, and is worth a visit. Museu do Diamante tells you about the diamond mining business which gives Diamantina its name, it also has some artifacts from life there, from cooking pots, slave shackles to a carriage.

Casa da Gloria

Diamantina is about 4 hours north of Belo Horizonte, the photos I saw of the waterfalls nearby looked absolutely stunning, unfortunately the bad weather meant we didn’t go. We stayed at Diamantina Hostel, which was okay but I would find somewhere comfier and more central next time. I would also check the weather properly if I ever go again, because while I enjoyed the town very much, there isn’t much to do in the rain!


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