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I never thought I’d miss the cold

I never thought I miss the cold, the heat was one thing I was really looking forward to when I thought about year abroad. My favourite season is summer, I love living outside, the feeling of sun on my skin, the way my skin changes colour, the way it changes the way how I look and feel.

I never thought I’d miss the cold, but I coudn’t imagine this heat. I live on a hill, so at least there’s a breeze, but I have to walk up the damn thing, wading through a thick heat that makes my legs melt, “I wasn’t made for this”, I think self-pityingly.

Rather than dwell, I make my friends in cold northern Europe jealous on social media with snapchat pictures that show the temperature, and Instagrams of my garden that has a pool, when all I really want is to feel the cold of northern Europe at this time of year.

I never thought I’d miss the cold, but leaving the house in my favourite jumper on a crisp morning with the leaves changing colour sounds like paradise. All I want is to come back in the afternoon chilly and have a steaming mug of tea and a biscuit, (or three) whilst reading a book, or a cup of creamy hot chocolate  with marshmallows and a natter with a friend.

I may be living the dream of an eternal summer, but I do miss the cold.


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