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Spring in October

Spring has started, and with it slightly more unpredictable weather. It has been raining a lot more and the temperature has been oscillating, meaning that I got cold much to my annoyance and self pity. Now the weather is back to being in the comfy 20s.

I’ve been dancing as much as possible, and I was delighted to find a really great belly dance school, and that they thought I was good enough to participate in a show with them at the end of November. Training for that is as always frustrating and enjoyable, the choreography includes dancing with swords which is quite something.

I also got to spend the weekend in Rio for a friend’s birthday, which was amazing. I felt much less like a tourist this time round, and instead spent the whole time with a group of Brazilians, either on the beach, at a bar or sleeping. It was pretty amazing, I’m scared to check my bank account now though!

University is sort of getting turned up a notch, I have my first essay due (with the option of writing it in English!) for politics. No lovely list of possible essay titles, instead it’s up to each student to decide what they want to write about from the myriad of topics and countries we covered. Also I have two YARP deadlines in the next 3 months. (Yarp is the Year Abroad Research Project, which is like a languages students thesis that you write in the language of the country we’re in- 6000 words on the influence of social media on Brazilian politics in Portuguese here I come!) I’m going between being scared of YARP to being utterly in denial about how hard it will be to write in Portuguese.

I have to run to my Spanish class which starts at 9pm, lots of love!


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