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A gem

Even though I had a slight headache this morning, I decided to go on a hike in the Serra do Curral with a group of exchange students as I’d planned to do.

Since we’re 21st century kids we uber’d across the city (it cost about 40 reais in total) to the foot of the Serra do Curral, Belo Horizonte might be huge but when you’re outside the centre it’s easy to escape it. After a ten minute walk into the Serra we already had amazing views over a city which we could no longer hear, the air was fresh and it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere until we looked behind and saw this:


After spending some time in the Serra, some of the group decided that walking to the Parque das Mangabeiras would be fun. We left the Serra and walked through the wealthy suburb of Mangabeiras (definitely the place to move to in BH if you’re minted), until we reached the park.

Previously I thought that all there was to the park was the Mirante das Mangabeiras where you get views similar to the one above, (it’s very romantic at sunset, and when I work out how to petition the city I’ll make sure a bar is built up there, it would make the spot just perfect). It turns out that it is also a very extensive park, which you can hike through (we went off piste and trekked through some forest, I’m really hoping I don’t have dengue). There are various animals there, I saw monkeys and what looked like anteaters (I thought they were from Africa, but apparently they live here too), as well as a beautiful square with an extensive skate park, live music and bars.

Loads of little monkeys and the square, which I really didn’t capture well.

Parque das Mangabeiras is my new gem in BH, it’s the perfect mix of beautiful city views, countryside, wildlife, food and people.



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