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This week

This week was the first week that went by really quickly. I met more people, and understood a bit more.

Politics class was as confusing as ever with the constant name dropping of various presidents, parties and dictators in Latin America who everyone knows, except us ignorant Europeans.

Spanish was tedious, but our teacher said she would give us more interesting things to do, and some of the texts we’re reading are interesting and challening. Even Portuguese class was bearable now that we’re studying the history of Brazil.

I found a belly dance school that I liked, and found a dance school that does Samba, Forró and Pilates in the centre that I need to check out.

Yesterday I tried this vegetarian food truck at university which meant I finally got to try feijão tropeiro with veggie meat. I think the original meat version is probably better, but at least I’ve tried it now. I also made some sub-par pesto (it turns out good quality parmesan and pine nuts really are essential and a small bunch of basil really doesn’t go far), but hey you have to start somewhere.

Unfortunately today was a tired, headache-y day, I needed to type up 3 classes worth of notes and I got through one before having to give up. It did mean that I made tomato sauce, and tried to make yoghurt (I’ll see if it was successful tomorrow, my expectations are low), but I also had to cancel going to a salsa night which was a shame. Tomorrow I’m going to the Serra do Curral to hike, swim and explore which I’m really looking forward to.

Good night from me and até mais!


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