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Homesickness is always a fear before you go away, can you cope leaving your safe environment?

When I moved to Southampton I wasn’t often affected by homesickness, only when I was already feeling upset, but moving here I missed home a lot. I hate talking about it because it reminds me of how much I miss it, but I think it’s important to talk about to understand and feel better about it.

I’ve realised that homesickness is made worse by a language barrier, I’m finding it hard to find the words to connect to people which makes me feel lonely and makes me miss my friends at home.

It’s also difficult if you’re doing it alone, or are the first to move out of your group, which is my case. It’s a struggle between being honest about how you are, and making sure your friends don’t freak out too much before they move.

So what helps? For me, a mixture of positivity, skypeing home, spending time with friends from the UK (I’m lucky to have two girls from my class here too), enjoying the country by exploring, eating, meeting new people and trying new things.

Today is also my monthiversary, which is a nice milestone, but also a good reminder that it really hasn’t been very long and settling in takes time.


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