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Week 1

I’ve now been in Brazil for a whole week, and it’s been pretty crazy.

I’ve been to all the touristy spots, they’re aren’t that many, but they are all worth a visit. Belo Horizonte isn’t a tourist trap, it’s a normal city, but that doesn’t make it less beautiful. The city itself has so much culture and it’s surrounded by beautiful hills. I’ve also been assured the countryside around it is gorgeous.

As a vegetarian, I’m rather limited in what I can eat, but all the Brazilian food I’ve tried has been absolutely amazing, unfortunately I can’t remember the names of most of them, but I’ll get there.

Every Brazilian I’ve met has been super friendly and utterly confused as to why I’m so in love with this country, they all think I’m as exotic as they are to me.

Brazilian bureaucracy is the only downside to living here so far. If I ever work it out, I’ll write a post about it, because it’s insane.You need numbers for everything, you need a CPF which is a social security number to activate a Brazilian SIM card. It also turns out that the CPF needs to be registered with the federal police, as do all people living in Brazil. When foreigners register with the police they receive an RNE, a foreigners ID card. Until you have those numbers, you can’t open a bank account, or formally register at the university. It’s an absolute nightmare, which will hopefully be over soon!

Finally, I’ve learned the culture shock hits you at really random moments, like when you can’t find a really normal item in the supermarket, for example soya milk or canned beans, which I still can’t find. Or the fact that you can’t put toilet paper in the toilet, you have to throw it in the bin (which unfortunately I was only told after I clogged the toliet). Or when everyone is totally accepting of the fact that the bus doesn’t have a proper timetable and it’ll turn up at some point, maybe. So far my longest wait for a bus has been 45 minutes, and it only turned up after I started walking so I had to run to the next stop.

Now, I should really get up since it’s 11.30 and I haven’t gotten out of bed yet, I’m enjoying the fact that I’m finally not waking up insanely early.



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