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Day One

I didn’t write on my journey here because airports are really stressful places, and I felt really emotional. Being in transit between your home and a new adventure is an emotional rollercoaster.

But, I am here now with no real problems on the way here, I even have my luggage!

So what did I learn on my first day?

I speak Portañol (Español + Português) fluently, pure Portuguese is another matter though. I find it really clunky, and it’s hard to have a proper conversation. On the other hand, I’ve learned at least 10 new words today, none of which I can remember now. I think it’s a good start though. Also, whoever said Brazilian accents were easier are lying their teeth, I call absolute bullshit on that.

Following on from my mini rant about Portuguese (one of many I’m sure), Brazilians are lovely! My two lovely ‘godfathers’ (the two guys who are my buddies on a uni scheme here) picked me up at the airport, saving me a lot of money on a taxi or a lot of stress in a bus. My new flatmate drove me to the supermarket to buy everything I needed, all 600 reais of it.

I really do not understand the exchange rate! I spent several worried moments staring at a set of pans that cost 600 thinking that that was an absolute outrage, and how could pans possibly cost 600 quid/euro (those two being synonymous in my head, when they’re obviously not). After walking away, I realised that 600 reais was about 150 euros/pounds (give or take, give for euros, take for pounds). They better have been really good pans!

I can’t think of anything else I learned, so I’m going to try sleep!



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