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Last night in Europe

This is it. My last night on this beautiful landmass. I found a flat about a week and a half ago, and received my visa with two days to spare, so that’s all my admin nightmares over for the moment!


Sushi and champagne, not too shabby for my last supper at home!

Since I can’t sleep because it’s suddenly 30° and I live in the attic I’ve decided to do a list of the things I’m most excited, and most worried about, because lists always make life better.

Most excited about:

  1. The people: Every Brazilian I’ve met has been so excited about me going to Brazil, and so willing to help out. A couple have assured me that their friends or relatives will help me out anytime!
  2. Pão de Queijo: I’m going to the home of pão de queijo. As someone who loves bread, and loves cheese, and doesn’t eat meat, these Brazilian cheese rolls sound like heaven.
  3. Caiparinhas: Cocktails are amazing, and cachaça, mint, sugar and ice sounds like perfection to me!
  4. Travelling: I’ve dreamed about going to South America for ages, and now I’m going for a year! Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru and Mexico are all on my list of places to go, along with most areas of Brazil of course!
  5. Samba: I started dance when I came to university, and now I couldn’t cope without it. I’ve missed it so much since term ended, and now I can’t wait to go to Brazil, and learn Samba and Forro, as well as keep up belly dance, and Salsa.

Most nervous about:

  1. Portuguese: Anyone who’s learned another language knows the struggle of expressing yourself fully in another language. It’s exhausted to talk another language for hours on end, and now I have to talk it 24/7! Of course I’ll be immersed and I’ll pick it up quickly, but it’s still a massive challenge.
  2. Being vegetarian: Brazil is known for being meat oriented, so being a veggie will be interesting!
  3. Every other worry basically stems back to Portuguese: classes, making friends, not looking like an idiot! I can’t wait to improve Portuguese, and not feel so limited by it!

My next post will come during or after my 20 hour journey to Brazil!


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