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Why I’m doing this

My home page and my previous post sort of explain why I’ve started blogging, but since I’m still waiting for my acceptance letter and I’m putting off sorting out a flat (even though I leave in less than a month), I decided I would explain a little bit more why I’m blogging and why I decided to move halfway across the world.

Why I’m blogging:

  1. I don’t want to forget everything. I want to remember the places I will (hopefully) see.
  2. To prove I did it. I’m moving very far away, and I feel like it will be a whirlwind and in a couple of years it’ll (probably) seem like no big deal, just like moving to the UK from Brussels  for uni seems like NBD now.
  3. To practise being biased. This seems weird, but all I do is write essays, or sometimes articles, but I don’t often get to write exactly what I think, because I don’t want to seem too biased. Now I can be as opiniated as I like.
  4. It might just stop my mum worrying, but this isn’t very likely.

Why I’m moving to Brazil:

Everyone keeps telling me how amazing this year will be, and I hope they’re right, but I’m not sure they appreciate that this is hard, and I was very tempted to stay in Europe. Europe is awesome, and it’s a lot closer to home. In the end, I decided to go Brazil because I wanted to improve Portuguese and all the good places in Portugal were taken. I’ve also been dreaming of travelling around South America for years and I will never get this opportunity again. I might do my Masters in Spain or Portugal, but I could never do it in Brazil, so I should go whilst I have the chance.


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