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Preparing for my year abroad

I was going to write something about how I’ve been feeling preparing to go to Brazil, but honestly, I feel nothing but panic. I’m excited to see Brazil and learn samba, eat new food and hopefully meet lovely people, but I am so scared.Partly because I move in exactly 6 weeks and I have nowhere to live, I also feel like I can’t speak the language and I have never been so far away from everyone I love. I don’t know how to feel anything but terror and sadness. At the moment, I’m saying goodbye to friends I only met two years ago during Freshers, but who I love so so much and it really sucks to leave them.


So instead of making anyone feel depressed and making me cry again, I’m going to include the link to an article I wrote for my student newspaper about the more admin side of things. Here it is, I hope it’s enlightening:


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